Mac thunderbolt monitor on pc

Got it, thanks! Are you able to control the screen brightness through the Lenovo?

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It's all controlled through the macOS interface normally. If you were thinking that you could use this to plug the Thunderbolt side into the display and the HDMI side into the PC laptop, it won't work. Cake Day.

Thunderbolt display to pc

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While the display itself is mostly unchanged from the now-defunct Apple Cinema Display, it is now connected to your Mac computer and soon Windows PC! The primary logic board, which could almost be a laptop motherboard, has no less than 13 discrete silicon chips — ranging from a Gigabit Ethernet and USB controllers, to an audio amplifier chip, and more. Despite the complexity, iFixit says the entire thing was a joy to take apart — you only need some Torx drivers and some suction cups to lift the screen out — and it actually receives an 8 out of 10 Repairability Score high for an Apple product.

How to Use Apple Thunderbolt Display with PC

You can hit up the Apple Support forums for an alternative download link, but do so at your own risk. Read more at and images via iFixit.